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Uniontags Technology has a new production site management and control systems, From the site management point of view, it integrates Uniontags factory units (such as raw tubes, manufacture, quality control, etc.) of the data, So that each unit can be quickly get the information needed jobs, to improve production efficiency, low product quality and customer satisfaction.

Uniontags Technology Management System Basic Features

Real-time data processing
Data production process can be real-time feedback to ensure real-time control of the production site.

Field paperless office
All production data collected using electronic equipment, do not need to fill in a lot of the written report.

On-site resource tracking
You can keep abreast of the production site, including the utilization of manpower, equipment, materials and other data.

Production Status Monitoring
You can keep abreast of product through the system, the real-time grasp the latest status of production.

automation equipment control
Docking and production automation equipment, make the system and equipment real integration.

Open the database
With ERP and other system docking platform, integration of resources.

Uniontags Technology Management System basic functions

Transferred from the ERP production planning
The production plan was transferred from company ERP, seamless connection with ERP

Process / work station / process management
Product processes, Production Engineering Station, the production process for anti-security management.

Classification Rights Management
Different positions and jobs. Closely rights management, so tight  proof.

Fully electronic data collection process
Production processes used in all electronic devices to collect data, to avoid data errors caused by man-made writing

Flexible scheduling production line
Scheduling is very flexible production line, to avoid a single production line shutdown cause of check or change order.

Real-time statistics and reports show
System in real-time statistics, and procurement of electronic statements displayed in real time production status.

OEM/ODM orders are welcomed . we have great advantage in R&D ,especially on UHF RFID READER and UHF RFID TAG .With many years of experience in working with our customers from worldwide , we are viewed as a reliable strategic partner due to the level od experience and expertise offered in the development ,design and commercial support of their products .

Research and development purposes
Uniontags Technology since its inception has been committed to independent research and development, innovation, emphasis on technical foundation for innovation, technological innovation, as long as the business foothold and development. The company attaches great importance to R & D investment, investment in R & D expenditures of more than 3.5% per annum corporate sales, among the highest in the industry invested. After nearly two decades of continuous investment and development, has formed a relatively complete system of R & D, Uniontags Technology R & D center:consisting of a high-quality, full of vigor and vitality of the professional R & D team, Relying on its strong R & D capability and international standards development system, access to a number of product patents and software R & D results.

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